...sitting instead of sweating!
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Design officedesks, promotion desks, counters? Cheap but durable? Our new invention, the fusion  of  „real“ wooden (or other material)  table plates and offset laminated cardboard bodies exempts you from converntional furniture form and colour limitations!

DRINKiNBOX is a brandnew and revolutionary „Bag In Box“ system for beverages! The nickname „Table Fountain“ explains the new revolutionary packaging for any kind of drinks and other liquids. With DRINKiNBOX you can tap the liquid in any position of the box!

Fullservice for POS packaging products & displays.

From development, artwork over construction, presentation, (worldwide) manufacturing to logistis and warehousing.

Worlwide one and only foldable cardboard parasol / umbrella. You can choose any shape of the shade! Waterproof with a plastic cover! Especially for advertisement in high security areas (concerts, sport events...) and as a fashion victim accessory!

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At first glance the SitBox is a foldable, robust carboard stool for sitting and standing on. But this is just the second convenience! It´s at first a aditional promotional message bearer, invented not just to be effective only during a event, but long after that in the users private sphere! The SitBox, like the damp protection/transport bag, can be fully custom printed.


ARTfLIP is modern art, especially for waverers :-) Two motives are combined with the accordion principle to a masterpiese of art. It´s impressive to watch te transformation of the artwork during the change of the vantage point. With ARTfLIP you can transport two advertisement messages in one without expensive technics!

ARTsHAPE´s are contoured „Posters“, laminated to  cardboard or modelboard. You can fix it directely on the wall, or with a spacer, that makes a unique effect. ARTsHAPE is aviable with an aditional LED light set for the backside, which transforms the ARTsHAPE to a imposing iluminated atrwork!

A designer cardboard stool for home and business!

The revolutionary, design patent protected, shape, builts feet like usual furniture. No diecut edges visible! Standard chair height guarants comfort and usability.

As an eycatcher  at fairs, concerts, modern living or folable guest chair - universal!